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Selected with proud to serve India with the finest beer and wine in the world

Beer and wine are among the most beautiful things in the world of drinks. Beer, especially from Germany, and wine from all over Europe are know as the best of it´s kind in the world.

Our challenge is to bring the best selection of beer and wine to India and let you taste the unique flavors of the most enjoyed drinks in the world.

But it´s not just about the drinking. Beer and wine are so much more than just some simple beverages. Get to know more about how it´s manufactured and the love behind.

We will serve you with the latest news from the scene and let you take part in the progress we select our products.

We welcome you to join us in our lifestyle of celebrating the best beer and wine in the world.

  • From Germany

  • From all over Europe

  • 0% Alcohol - 100% Pleasure

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